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Project Management
Business Model Generation
Data Analysis 
Solar Project Development/Implementation
Start-up Finance
​Cooking :)


Seeing what others won't, capturing what others can't.

 Entrepreneur- Clean Energy Professional- Energy Efficiency Researcher- Photographer- Film Maker-Traveller


To use my skills and experience to create a cleaner more sustainable world. 

Curious Skeptical Optimist

Mission: To design AI algorithms to help create an energy efficiency built environment. 

I am an energy researcher in the Energy Analytics Group in the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division in  at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory .

I have a Masters degree in Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate Science from UC Berkeley and am a fellow at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. 

In the past I've worked at Grameen Capital a micro-finance advisory;  Ashoka Innovators for the Public an organization that supports social entrepreneurs globally;  founded and ran a clean-tech start-up that was part of Australia's first clean technology start-up accelerator; and worked as a project engineer on HVAC and data center energy efficiency.  I have completed a Bachelors and Masters degree in engineering and am a certified project manager.  In my spare time, I am involved in small scale solar energy project development and implementation, and have worked on projects in Australia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.  I enjoy cooking, photography, hiking, sailing and triathlon sprints!