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I am a member of Dr. Jessica Granderson's research group on Energy Analytics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our research focus is on energy efficiency in commercial buildings, you can find out more about our current research here:

I have a diverse set of experiences in the buildings and energy fields both from a research and an industry perspective. Previously, I have been in a clean tech start-up that was part of IgnitionLabs, Australia's first clean technology start-up accelerator, have worked as a project engineer on projects relating to HVAC and data center energy efficiency, and have also worked in an energy and environmental consulting firm. At LBNL, I have successfully helped commercialize an early stage technology, the Retro-commissioning sensor suitcase that won the Lab Director's Award. In my free time, I am involved in small scale solar energy project development and implementation in Australia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. 

My research interests include using energy management information systems to improve building energy performance, developing low-cost highly-accurate measurement and verification techniques and leveraging advances in remote sensing, machine learning and data-driven approaches to contribute to understanding of resiliency of the built environment during extreme events like wildfires. 

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